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Social care officers busy this weekend

| February 15, 2014

Buckinghamshire County Council Offices, Aylesbury. 2009-04-06

Social care officers from Buckinghamshire County Council are busy this weekend keeping in touch with around seventy older, disabled and vulnerable people in the Marlow area to ensure they are not cut off by surface water flooding, and checking they have enough food.

Telephone checks were started last weekend as levels in the Thames rose and roads started to flood. The social care officers have continued to maintain contact through Buckinghamshire County Council’s In Touch service.

Social care officers visiting residents say neighbours have been delivering groceries to those finding it difficult to get out owing to flooded roads.

A couple of residents living near the Thames and receiving home care have been offered alternative accommodation as water levels threaten their homes.

Local care homes have offered vacant accommodation in case home care residents need to move out of flood-threatened houses.

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