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BARRACLOUGH ON THE BALL – Postponed match increases the nightmare

| February 18, 2014

Last Saturdays game at Cheltenham was literally a washout.

With Wycombe languishing perilously close to the relegation zone a postponement was the last thing we needed. It would have been better to play in the hope of gaining points to try to pull clear from the danger zone.

By chance both Torquay and Northampton lost on Saturday so the there was no change to the bottom three in the League. With their points wasted it throws a slight lifeline to Wycombe but only a slight one.

With all the other teams in the League playing their scheduled matches the Bury v Bristol Rovers match was the only other postponed in League Two last weekend. How unlucky are Wycombe to find their game the only other one that didn’t happen?

Even luck has deserted the Wanderers.

All this comes of top of last week disclosure of a potential sale of a controlling interest in the club to a unnamed company.

The team needs support from the fans more then ever now.

The ‘fair weather fans’ who only turn up when the team are winning may be staying at home so it’s time for the ‘die hards’ to raise their voices and lift the team to victory against Chesterfield next weekend.

Last year the club organised a ‘Talk of the town’ special which actively promoted the club and succeed in getting more supporters over to the ground. Perhaps it’s time to consider running a similar feature again this year to drum up support and give the Blues the morale boost they deserve?

I’m backing the Blues even if others aren’t. Can anyone imagine Wycombe dropping from the Football League? No, don’t even think of it.

Come On You Blues!

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