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Opinion : Are potholes still a problem on our roads?

| March 29, 2014


My word how time is flying by.

Winter is over, spring is here and this Sunday, the 30th March, will see the clocks altered to give an extra hour of daylight at the cost of an hours sleep on Saturday night.

Last winter was fairly mild, unusually there was no snow at all and only a few nights when temperatures fell below zero. With the onset of nicer weather people will be going out and about in their cars.

Spring usually sees the start of what I often call the ‘pothole season’ on Wycombe’s roads. I see that over on the news section of this site there is a report about Transport for Buckinghamshire starting a ‘pothole blog’ to keep everyone informed of their works in the battle against the potholes on our roads.

Do you know I think the roads are nowhere near as bad as in previous years. There may be the odd pothole here and there but that is only to be expected.

There are places where roads are still riddled with potholes such as the side road that runs beside the Methodist Church in Rutland Avenue, Castlefield. Driving down that stretch of road without going over a pothole is about as hard as trying to get a Council Tax rebate.

While the powers that be can and should be given credit for their efforts on the potholes the unusually mild winter has meant that our roads have not suffered from the effects of ice, which breaks up the road surface, or the salt spread by gritters trying to make the roads safe on cold mornings.

Over the past few years there has been quite a lot of investment in road maintenance indeed works have recently been taking place along West Wycombe Road.

While the motorists voice is being heard and money is being spent on the roads spare a thought for the poor pedestrians who have to walk on pavements which are often uneven or suffering from surface break up.

Only the other day yours truly was waling on a pavement on the outskirts of Wycombe town centre when my foot slipped into a slight hole in the surface and I almost twisted my ankle.

There maybe a pothole blog and massive investment in road maintenance but what about pavement maintenance too? I would personally like to see the powers that be launch a blog concentrated on the state of the pavements with the needs of the pedestrian in mind.

I guess the voice of the motorist is louder than that of the pedestrian. Unless those who walk about the town speak up things will not get better and we can look forward to yet more twisted ankles, sprains and bruises from falling on the poor surface of some pavements.

What do you think?

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