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Opinion : Sunday trading

| April 22, 2014


Well, there’s another Bank Holiday weekend over, but have no fear as another Bank Holiday will be here in a matter of a couple of weeks.

 Of course being Easter Sunday the Sunday trading laws were in action and some types of shops had to close.

Introduced in 1994 the Sunday trading laws had a huge impact on life in this country indeed before their introduction shops had to close on Sundays but the new law opened up what was once a religious day of rest to commercial activity.

In my opinion by allowing Sunday trading our culture and way of life was devalued and commercialism was put before religion and rest.

Other cultures would not put profit before religion. The Sunday Trading laws do give some protection for special days in the Christian calendar but what about other religions?

In some towns the Christians are in a minority so should we not be looking to give the same protection to the holy days of other mainstream religions too?

While some shops can open for up to six hours on a Sunday other types of shops can’t, especially on Easter Sunday and Christmas Day. Why bother to allow any shops to open if the whole town is not open?

It seems the size of a shop is the key as to its allowed opening hours with the size threshold set at 3,000sq ft, if retail premises are over that size then the retailer can’t open. This results in some businesses, such as garden centres, not being able to open last Easter Sunday.

Although a for profit venture surely a garden centre is connected with rest and relaxation so providing they are selling plants and garden related items they should be able to open?

If some types of businesses can’t open then what about car parks? They are businesses too so surely all the town centre car parks in Wycombe should also have Sunday opening hours?

What about television? Should that no close down and observe Sunday operating hours too?

The more I think about it the more the Sunday trading rules seem to be out of touch.

I think it was far better before when everything closed on a Sunday and we could all have a well deserved rest.

What do you think?

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