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Opinion : What happened to the nice shops?

| May 13, 2014


I can remember when Wycombe was a nice town full of small shops each selling the essentials for daily life.

Desborough Road was a shopping community all of its own supporting the families who lived close by in Brook Street, Richardson Street and Green Street.

Just look at the Desborough Road area now. Takeaways, fast food outlets and barbers seem to dominate indicating a definite shift in the type of retailer in the area.

You can imagine how disappointed your humble servant was to read the article that appeared in the news section of this site yesterday headlined ‘Former Robert Dyas shop may become restaurant or cafe‘.

There are enough cares, restaurants in the town already without adding more.

What happened to the nice shops? You know the independent retailers and outlets that sold things we wanted to buy?

Sadly the powers the be seem to want to infest Wycombe town centre with ‘a cafe culture’, after all having a a cafe open up in preferable to having an empty shop blighting the town.

But what do all these cafe’s do to the economy of the town? Without a diverse and broad range of businesses the town will surely wither and die in a similar way to a person who decides to live only on fizzy drink and chocolate.

The ‘cafe culture’ taking over Wycombe will surely be the town’s downfall. Taking the easy option is never a route to success.

What will future generations think when thy look back at pictures of the town centre today? No doubt they will think the current generation living here was obsessed with food, betting and buying items from charity shops.

Look at other towns in the locality. Marlow, Princes Risborough, Henley, Beaconsfield haven’t given up and filled themselves with restaurants. No, they have retained their charm and appeal and in my opinion they are all the better for it.

If only the powers that be in Wycombe had the drive to go out and create an atmosphere in the town where a diverse range of businesses would thrive.

Sadly it seems the easy option is the one of choice. We all know it’s not sustainable in the long term. RIP Wycombe town centre.

What do you think?

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