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Opinion : Nuisance calls are such a nuisance

| June 3, 2014


The past seven days have been very busy for me. The Bank Holiday we enjoyed just over eight days ago seems but a distant memory.

I guess one should be thankful that full employment keeps your humble servant busy but sometimes I fear it’s possible to be too busy.

To make matters worse in the past few weeks my busy schedule has been interrupted by nuisance calls on my portable phone. The last thing one needs is to be interrupted when in full flow by a totally irrelevant phone call.

Even when relaxing the phone calls still arrive. Take yesterday for example. There I was sitting on a bench in the grounds of the parish church when my portable communicator starts ringing, when answered a pre-recorded message told me that I may be able to claim money for the accident I was involved in recently.

Now, the message intrigues me because yours truly hasn’t had and accident recently or even in the distant past so what on earth are they talking about?

Then there are the calls about the payment protection insurance which I don’t have. Or the messages about the non-existent pension which apparently may not be able to support me during my retirement unless one does as the pre-recorded voice at the end of the phone says.

If only the calls would stop.

Sadly it seems there is nothing that can be done to block the unwanted calls especially now they have started coming from an ‘unknown number’ making it impossible to block them at my end or even know who’s calling before answering the phone.

Where did they get my number from? Probably from some website that leaked information to hackers who then sold the harvested phone numbers on to anyone willing the pay the asking price.

Surely the operator of the phone network can identify and block the calls? If they can they don’t seem to be doing much about it.

It was bad enough when having nuisance calls at home but thankfully that stopped after going ex-directory but having nuisance calls while sitting on a bench in the grounds of the parish church is just too much.

If this is what the modern computer age is all about then count me out….

What do you think?

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