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FILM REVIEW: Mrs Brown’s Boys D’Movie (15)

| June 29, 2014
Released : 27th June 2014
Rated : 15
Running Time: 94mins
BBFCinsight: Strong language, sex references
Director: Ben Kellett
Stars: Brendan O’Carroll, Jennifer Gibney, Sorcha Cusack, Robert Bathurst, Fiona O’Carroll, Nick Nevern, Simon Delaney

Mrs Agnes Brown, the comic creation of Brendan O’Carroll, makes her big screen début in this film which sees Mrs Brown defending her fruit and vegetable stall in Dublin’s Moor Street Market from a property developer.

Despite the best attempts of Russians hired by the property developer to frighten Mrs Brown away any hope of keeping her stall, which has been in her family for generations, disappears when Mrs Brown receives a tax demand for three point eight million Euro’s which should have been paid by her grandmother many years ago. The only hope of saving the stall is find the receipt from the tax office to prove the bill was actually paid.

The comic caper sees various characters rally to Mrs Browns cause including blind Ninjas, a barrister with Tourette’s Syndrome and an alcoholic solicitor.

I personally found the film to be tedious and in many places unfunny with jokes falling flat. At one point Mrs Browns supporters attempt to eliminate the Russians by planting a car bomb outside a pub where they are congregated. However the bomber is an old man who suffers from Parkinson’s disease and in undertaking the delicate operation of priming the bomb it detonates prematurely. With all the trouble faced by Ireland in the past few decades is planting car bombs outside a pub really considered comedy?

Many will be familiar with Mrs Brown thanks to the BAFTA winning television comedy show however television shows very rarely make the transition from the small screen to the big one, this film is yet another example of that.

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