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Opinion : It’s hot, hot hot….

| July 18, 2014


Phew… It’s been a scorcher today with wall to wall sunshine and temperatures pushing over thirty degrees.

If it hadn’t been for the shade sitting on a bench in the grounds of the Parish Church at lunchtime eating my sandwiches would have been unbearable today.

What amazes me if the number of people, especially youngsters, walking around without any protection on their heads. Have they never heard of a hat? It amazes me why they don’t go down with sunstroke.

Thankfully my trusty handkerchief came to my rescue today and I sat there eating my sandwiches with a knotted hanky on my head for extra protection from the sun.

It was just too how to visit Frogmoor today, the large expanse of concrete simply holds the heat like a giant frying pan. It’s a shame there isn’t a working fountain there to cool the area down. But alas the powers that be seem to have admitted defeat on having a fountain on Frogmoor.

Sadly there aren’t that many places to go to cool off in Wycombe these days.

The plastic roof of the complex makes it hot to walk through. The trees in the High Street are only for ornamental purposes and provide very little shade. Staying indoors a lunchtime is not an option. Where can one go to cool down?

Apart from visiting the chilled section of a food shop and lingering amongst the fridges and freezers there was nowhere really to go that’s an acceptable temperature.

So I did just that. My word it was nice placing my hand on a pack of frozen peas to cool down. Naturally one didn’t need to food, it was used merely to cool oneself.

Why on earth can’t the powers that be let the ice cream vans of the town park up in the town centre on hot days and serve cool ices and drinks to passers by?

Drink is so important during hot weather but have you seen the prices charged for bottled water? Sugary soft drinks are even more exorbitant with £1.20 per 500ml common place in many shops.

By the time one has bought a cold drink and an ice cream there isn’t much left from a five pound note. For some people that’s almost an hours work to earn that sort of money.

It seems even cooling down in the hot weather is an expensive business.

It isn’t just the people who need to keep cool, the animals and wildlife need to as well. Don’t forget to put some water out for the birds after all they can’t turn on a tap of get an ice out of the freezer like us humans.

Back on St. Swithin’s Day, the 15th July, it was also hot. I just hope the old wives tale about the weather staying the same for the next forty days at it is on St. Swithin’s Day dosen’t hold true this year. I don’t think one could cope with heat like this for another thirty seven days….

What do you think?

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