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Opinion : ‘No Phone Day’ would benefit us all

| August 1, 2014


Sadly the hot weather is still with us.

No doubt the youngsters will be enjoying the high temperatures but for obese people of advancing years, like myself, the hot weather is no joke.

On Thursday lunchtime I found myself sitting on my favourite bench in the grounds of the Parish Church (pictured) enjoying my sandwiches watching the world go by.

A young mother was coming down Castle Street pushing a toddler along in a pram with one hand while taking a call on a mobile telephone with the other.

From the direction of Frogmoor several other people where either fiddling with their phones or also in the middle of mobile conversations.

Then another man, nearly my age, walked past and he whipped a phone out of his pocket and started to make a call. Unfortunately he didn’t see me get up from the bench and he nearly bumped into me.

It seems that while walking along people are so engrossed in the conversation rather than watching where they are going.

I am beginning to wonder if there should be a ban on walking while on the phone besides a ban on driving while on the phone. However despite there being laws to the contrary you can still see many people driving holding phones to their ear.

Do you know I am beginning to think that people these days are addicted to their mobile phones.

Could people live without them? I fear not as the little electric device that performs so many functions has become integral to modern life for so many people.

Young children have been brought up with the mobile phone and I fear they are dependant on them. I wonder how many youngsters could operate a public telephone box? How many children under sixteen could load a proper 35mm film camera with film and take a picture with it? Very few I suspect….

Maybe there should be a national ‘No Phone’ day when the networks are switched off and the world can return to normal leaving people to focus on things around them rather than the distant voices emanating from the mobile phones.

My good self could easily do without my portable telephone indeed I hardly use the infernal thing. It’s far better to speak to someone in person rather than ring them up.

What do you think?

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