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Controlled explosion in Holmer Green

| August 2, 2014

The sound of a controlled explosion was heard in the Holmer Green and Little Missenden area on the evening of Thursday 31st July 2014.

At 6.45pm bomb disposal officers from RAF Northolt carried out a controlled explosion in a field off Featherbed Lane, Holmer Green.

The explosion was carried out after a member of public contacted Thames Valley Police to report a 45cm long shell which had been found in their garden during excavation works and had been used as garden ornament in their flowerbed for approximately 2 years.

The RAF took X-Rays of the shell and it was believed to be a test charge frequently used on military firing ranges.

The shell contained a substitute for high explosives and was not believed to be volatile as the fuse had been removed however it was deemed necessary to explode the charge to minimise any risk.

Chiltern District Council kindly helped with providing up to 200 sandbags and a local farmer, David Channer, kindly allowed access to his field for the explosion to be carried out.

A mechanical digger was sought to excavate a hole to explode the shell in as the dry weather meant the ground was too hard to dig a hole. The explosion had to take place during daylight however sufficient sandbags were available to negate the need to dig.

There was minimum disruption to residents and the operation was a success.

Police are advising anyone who discovers any articles whilst gardening which you believe to be explosive to contact the police immediately, keep the area clear and PLEASE DO NOT TOUCH THEM.

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