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Opinion : The last post at 9am?

| August 12, 2014


Regular readers will know that yours truly is someone who prefers the traditional way of doing things rather than the newfangled modern way.

As far as I’m concerned sending a proper letter in a proper envelope with a proper stamp on the front is far better than using the modern day contrivance of e-mail.

It may take a little longer to arrive but a neatly handwritten letter is a far better way to communicate with ones friends rather than the bland and impersonal text that appears on a computer screen.

So what if it takes a little longer for my messages and communications to get to the intended recipient? With a trusty first class stamp on the envelope any letter put in one of Wycombe’s postboxes before the last post of the day, usually around 5pm, will be with the recipient by the first post the next day.

You can therefore imagine what a blow it was to me when I read a news article on a national news site announcing that the last post at nearly half of the Country’s post boxes may be moved to as early as 9.00am.

It seems to cut costs may of the less used post boxes will be emptied by the post men after completing their rounds.

While it may make sense for a post man to empty a post box if he is walking past on the way back to the sorting office it will mean that any letter posted in the box at, say, 4.30pm may take up to two days to arrive.

If this is what a privatised postal system is like then in my opinion its a very backward step.

I fear the humble pillar box may be about to disappear in a similar way to the trusty telephone boxes that were once so prevalent on the streets. By slowly reducing the service a little at a time nobody really notices the decline until the service is no more.

If the postman who delivers the letters is to take on the task of emptying post boxes wouldn’t it make more sense to deliver the post later in the day, say late afternoon, and then empty the post boxes on the way back to the post office at 5pm?

After all what’s the point of delivering the post at 10.00am if everyone is at work? The letters won’t be read until the people arrive home in the evening anyway.

Naturally I shall not succumb to the cut backs. In future yours truly will be writing ‘Posted on’ followed by the date and time on the back of every one of my letters so the recipients will know how long it took to get to them.

What do you think?

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