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Opinion : What future is there for todays youngsters?

| August 22, 2014


Last Thursday, 21st August 2014, was an important day in the lives of many young people in Wycombe as it was the day the GCSE results were announced.

The week before saw the release of A-Level results.

For those leaving school or college now is an important time in their lives. While many will go on to college or University a good proportion will not have made the grade and the world of work, or long term unemployment, beckons.

But where are the jobs in Wycombe? In the days when Wycombe was a furniture town the factories would take on apprentices and give the training that would lead to a lifetime of full employment.

Sadly the factories have gone and all the town has to offer now are jobs stacking shelves, working as sales assistants or serving in the plethora of fast food restaurants that have invaded the town in recent years.

To put it bluntly there isn’t much hope of finding a job for all the youngsters who need one.

The low level and poorly paid jobs that do exist are hardly likely to provide an income high enough to afford the £300,000 price tag of a house in Wycombe.

Those who do go on to further their studies and get a degree are merely lumbering themselves with crippling debt which will haunt them for many years to come with no guarantee of a qualification at the end.

Rather than making youngsters stay on in school until the summer and then have a glut of young people looking for work all at the same time of year maybe the rules could be changed so those who look likely to fail to make the grade at school could leave early if they managed to get a job? Of course if they didn’t keep the job up they would have to return to school to finish their studies.

At least it would mean those who are not as academically successful could at least have the chance to earn some money and have a glimmer of hope of starting a career.

Sadly I fear the system we have at the moment is merely creating an underclass of young people who will end up living off benefits and ending up a burden on society.

No doubt the town centre will soon be full of unemployed young people enjoying their new found freedom away from school.

I feel deep sympathy for the young people of today. What hope is there for them? It seems every avenue available is filled with pain, debt or unhappiness.

Who would want to be a young person making their way in the modern world?

What do you think?

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