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Opinion : Wycombe Wanderers are doing well but where are the supporters?

| September 30, 2014


There’s something exiting happening over at Sands on a Saturday afternoon.

In sharp contrast to last season Wycombe Wanderers are winning games left right and centre indeed currently they are in second place in League Two and just one point from being the League leaders.

This is all very good news for the town and if the team keeps on playing this way then promotion is a very real possibility. I’m certainly excited.

However, and sadly there is a ‘however’, the attendance at last Saturday’s game against Cambridge United was just 3,610 and that includes 418 supporters from Cambridge.

Considering the Adams Park stadium has a capacity of 12,684 for football matches sadly just under two thirds of the seats are empty.

So a successful football team playing the best football they have done in years is performing to almost 9,000 empty seats. That’s 9,000 voices of encouragement that are missing, 9,000 seats worth of gate receipts short and 9,000 people who would rather do something else than cheer on their town’s football team.

Something like this could only happen in Wycombe, I’ll bet a situation like this would never happen in Marlow, indeed the Marlovians would be out cheering on their team and encouraging them to do well.

If the Blues are second in the League with the current levels of support just imagine what they would do if the terraces were full of fans shouting, waving and encouraging them on.

I have to admit that so far even my good self hasn’t been over to Adams Park this season. Yes, shame on me.

Isn’t it about time the people of Wycombe got behind their team? I certainly think so.

Sitting in the comfort of home watching highlights of the match on YouTube are not as exciting as actually being in the ground and savouring the atmosphere as the drama of the match unfolds in front of you.

The teams doing well, the facilities in the stadium are excellent, there is plenty of parking and the ground is only just down Dashwood Avenue from the town centre. So what is the cause of the poor gate attendances?

Are ticket prices too high?

Is the ground too difficult to get to?

Are the people of Wycombe no longer interested in supporting their local football team?

Here in Wycombe good things are few and far between, yet when something good does happen like the Wanderers almost topping the League the townspeople prefer to stay at home or do other things.

I wonder how many of the people in the town actually know how well the Blues are doing this season? It would be interesting to carry out a straw poll of passers by in the town centre to ask them if they know what position in the League the team is in at the moment.

Anyway, I’m following the team and giving them my full support. Come On You Blues!

What do you think?

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