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Opinion : Hands up to save Wycombe Hospital

| October 14, 2014


The steady drain of services away from Wycombe Hospital must surely be one on the worst travesty’s to hit Wycombe in recent years.

In recent times Wycombe has suffered many setbacks such as the demolition of historic buildings, plans to build a large stadium at Booker and even proposals to close the magnificent abbey way flyover.

While many of the other daft and mad-cap schemes to hit Wycombe have either been cancelled or come to nothing sadly there is yet to be a reversal of the removal of key service from Wycombe Hospital or the re-instatement of an Accident and Emergency department in the town. All we are left with is a Minor Injuries and Illness Unit.

When Wycombe Hospital get it’s A&E back?

For a town with a population over 100,000 to be without an A&E is a scandal especially when viruses like Ebola are on the rampage around the world.

How many more patients will have to endure the arduous journey to Stoke Mandeville in the back of an ambulance down the bumpy A4010?

How many more relatives will have to fork out for travelling costs to a hospital miles away to see their relatives?

It’s about time sense prevailed and Wycombe Hospital was given back the services which it lost. The days of penny pinching are over, it’s time for the delivery of essential services in the town where they are needed.

You can therefore imagine how pleased I was to read the article that appeared in the news section of this site a few days ago entitled ‘Hands Up For A Hand Back of lost services from SaveWycombeHospital‘.

We should be commending the SaveWycombeHospital campaign for keeping the pressure on to get back the services that Wycombe Hospital has lost and which the town of Wycombe deserves.

Their innovative posters made up of hand prints are not only striking in an artistic sense by they are delivering a striking message too in support of our Hospital and the services it has lost.

The people of Wycombe should not forget that the first hospital built on the Marlow Hill site was the Cottage Hospital paid for by the people of Wycombe to honour those who made the ultimate sacrifice in the First World War. Indeed the plaques commemorating the fallen from High Wycombe and surrounding villages are still on display by the main entrance door of the modern day hospital.

It may have been a hundred years since the outbreak of WW1 but let hope we don’t have to wait that long before Wycombe gets back the hospital services it lost.

Those running the campaign to claw back the services our hospital has lost have my complete support and we should be thanking them for keeping the issue on the boil and fighting tooth and nail to give us back the healthcare provision the people of Wycombe deserve.

What do you think?

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