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Opinion : Bins, boxes and bags – Why does recycling have to be so difficult?

| November 7, 2014


A few days ago a copy of the latest ‘Recycling Guide and Calendar’ dropped through my letterbox.

It arrived in a nice envelope addressed to my house. Considering that everyone in my area got the same booklet why did it have to be addressed individually to my house?

The local pizza parlour can send an operative around the roads putting their propaganda, sorry menu’s, through my front door so why can’t someone just walk along the street and put the recycling calendars through too? That way there would be no need to spend out for an envelope, postage or printing of the address.

On the bottom of the front page of the book are two e-mail addresses to contact and two websites to visit but just one phone number. So if there’s a problem does it matter which e-mail address I write to? I wonder if there are two teams of people checking each e-mail address? If so that’s more waste.

When making contact my good self prefers to do the job properly by writing a traditional letter using a pen and paper but sadly there isn’t a postal address published anywhere in the booklet. Not everyone has the internet and I fear the lack of a postal address is a somewhat glaring omission.

The booklet itself is 8, yes EIGHT, pages long. By George! This recycling is a complicated thing. Inside it spells out what goes into which collection receptacle. However the mind boggles at the shire number of receptacles the scheme uses.

Blue wheeled bins, black boxes, red sacks, clear bags, brown bins, green bins and black bins are all used by the scheme, that 8 different types of waste receptacle.

Learning what goes in which bin seems rather complicated indeed obtaining a degree in rocket science would probably be a less challenging task.

Basically the whole she bang boils down to putting black and brown bins out one week and on the next week the blue bin, green bin, red textile sack, clear battery bag, black paper recycling box and brown food waste bin go out. Simple…. NOT!

Sadly time is precious for me, I shall not be bothering to play the game of multicoloured bins, boxes and bags. Instead I shall compress my rubbish and put it all into the black bin which goes out every two weeks.

They wasted their time, money and effort sending me the ridiculous ‘Recycling Guide and Calendar’….

What do you think?

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