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Wycombe houses raided and man arrested by counter-terror police

| November 7, 2014


At 8.45pm on Thursday 6th November 2014 counter-terror police accompanied by firearms officers raided a property in Desborough Avenue, High Wycombe and arrested a 19 year old man.

Beside the arrests in High Wycombe other arrests took place at locations in Southall, Hounslow and Uxbridge in West London.

A 27 year old man was arrested in a car at 8.30pm on Thursday 6th November 2014 in Southall.

In Hounslow a 22 year old man was arrested at 8.45pm on Thursday 6th November 2014. Simultaneously a 19 year old man was arrested at a property in Desborough Avenue in High Wycombe (the centre house in the picture accompanying this article), this arrest involved around thirty police officers. Both arrests involved the presence of firearms officers.

Further houses in Deeds Grove and West Wycombe Road, High Wycombe were also raided and searched by police.

At 2.55am on the morning of Friday 7th November a 25 year old man was arrested in Uxbridge.

All the arrested men are being held on suspicion of being concerned in the Commission, Preparation or Instigation of acts of Terrorism (contrary to section 40(1)(b) of the Terrorism Act 2000).

The arrests and searches are part of an ongoing investigation into Islamic related terrorism which involves police officers from the Metropolitan Police’s Counter Terrorism Command (SO15) who are working closely with their colleagues in South East Counter Terrorism Unit and MI5.

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