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Opinion : The Christmas party starts at 7.00am on Thursday

| November 25, 2014


The people of Wycombe will be receiving an early Christmas present this coming Thursday, 27th November 2014 when Wycombe Sound radio station returns to the airwaves.

I must say that yours truly is really looking forward to Wycombe Sound’s return.

When the station was on air last year I spent many happy hours listening in, the station may have only been one the air for a few weeks but in that time it made a huge, lasting and definitely positive impact on the town of High Wycombe.

‘Made for, and by, the community’ is the station’s slogan. It’s just what Wycombe needs. Community radio is about the community it serves, by being local the town will get something tailored especially for it rather than the national stations to whom our town is just another group of listeners.

This year the Wycombe Sound studio will be located in HWBIDCo’s Enterprise HQ in Church Street just opposite the war memorial.

Everyone passing by will be able to look in the window and see the presenters at work broadcasting to Wycombe. That’s what I like about Wycombe Sound, the station is visible for all to see. Anyone can drop in and say hello or give feedback.

All too often radio stations hide themselves away behind closed doors in office blocks or on industrial estates out of town. Not Wycombe Sound, they’re visible for all to see and accessible in the town centre.

Not only will the radio station provide the community with programmes tailored especially for them but the local businesses will be able to advertise directly to the people of Wycombe thus boosting the local businesses.

I for one am definitely looking forward to hear Wycombe Sound again.

Last week I found out my trusty MK1 Hacker Sovereign radio from 1964, reputed to be the best portable radio ever made, and my good self will be using it to listen in this year.

I’ve got a nice stock of PP9 batteries and everything is set for Thursday morning at 7.00am when the airwaves of Wycombe will once again carry a local radio station for our town. As far as I’m concerned the Christmas party starts then.

What more could Wycombe ask for this Christmas?

What do you think?

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