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Opinion : Toys for the boys?

| December 19, 2014


What can be more satisfying at Christmas time than buying a present for a child?

This year one of my very distant relations has announced that they will be visiting me at Christmas and it’s likely they will bring their son.

Naturally we will exchange presents so I thought it would be nice to buy a Christmas present for the youngster.

I doubt if the boy will be pleased to receive one of my trademark presents, namely a box of biscuits, so my good self spent the other lunchtime looking around the toy sections of some of Wycombe’s town centre shops.

I’m sure the nice radio controlled stunt plane my good self bought will go down a treat, indeed yours truly can’t wait to see the look on the youngsters face when he opens the present.

Yes, a stunt plane is a most suitable present for a boy, a train set would be a good choice too. Naturally if I have been buying for a girl then perhaps a doll would have been suitable.

It’s hard enough getting just the right present for a youngster then the other day I read an article on a national news site about a Government minister writing to toy manufacturers and retailers urging them to stop targeting products at either just boys or just girls.

After doing a little research it seems there’s even campaign started entitled ‘Let Toys Be Toys‘ which is asking the toy and publishing industries to stop limiting children’s interests by promoting some toys and books as only suitable for girls, and others only for boys.

By George! I thought the political correctness brigade had run out of daft ideas to ruin our society but now it seems someone has come up with the concept of gender neutral parenting where boys and girls are treated equally and as a result girls are supposed to have the same toys as boys and vice versa.

What has the world come to? Things have got out of hand!

I doubt if the young gentleman who is coming to visit me would be happy at receiving a nurses uniform, toy doll or even toy pram.

When buying a present for a child am I supposed to think of them as an ‘it’ rather than a boy or a girl?

What will happen next? Will ‘Father Christmas’ be gender neutralised too? Maybe he will be joined by ‘Mother Christmas’ to equal things out? No, my money is on ‘Parent Christmas’ after all that title completely gets rid of the gender designation problem.

The world’s gone potty.

The politically correct brigade are treading on dangerous ground trying to stop boys and girls being brought up in a way that will ensure they will fit with their stereo-typical role in society.

One things is for sure, the PC crew aren’t going to stop me from being a man and behaving how a man should behave.

It would be interesting to know how many parents are actively trying to gender neutralise their children.

I fear there will soon be some very confused children who grow up to realise that they have been brought up in a way that means they don’t fit with what society expects of them.

What do you think?

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