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Opinion : Christmas is nearly here

| December 23, 2014


Christmas is nearly here. No matter where one goes the Christmas atmosphere is in the air.

Shops are playing Christmas songs, indeed it’s impossible to avoid the usual festive songs in the retail outlets and supermarkets of the town.

I have lost count how many times my good self has ‘driven home for Christmas’ or ‘hoped that it would be Christmas every day’.

It’s not going to snow on the 25th December this year yet everyone is humming along to the song about it being a ‘white Christmas’.

Despite all the musical talent in the world today the most modern of the ‘mainstream’ Christmas songs dates back to 1973.

Regular readers will know that as far as I’m concerned the 1970’s were the best and most influential decade ever. But surely in the last forty one years you would thought that someone could have written a better Christmas song? Well it seems not.

Perusing the shops at lunchtime it was amazing how many vegetables and other perishables there are still for sale with a best before date of the 24th December.

Your humble servant stood for a moment in one shop to observe the customers and it was amazing how many people just picked up the food items without looking at the best before date. I fear there may be a lot of people sitting down to a Christmas meal that isn’t perhaps as fresh as it should be….

Yours truly will stay away from the shops on Christmas Eve, it’s just going to be too busy. However I fear a lot of people will leave everything to the last moment and be at the mercy of whatever left overs the shops have to offer.

To me it seems madness to brave the last minute crush just for a few brussel sprouts and some carrots.

The Christmas lights in the town center were good this year, however very few shops had decorations up inside them. There may have been the odd bit of tinsel here and there and the obligatory Christmas tree inside the door but in general decorations inside the shops were few and far between.

Oh well, with all my festive supplies safely stowed away in my ancestral home there will be no need for me to venture out until next Monday.

Yours truly will batten down the hatches and retreat into my home for four days starting this Thursday….

All that remains is for me to wish you a very Merry Christmas!

What do you think?

*My next blog will be a special Christmas Day blog published at 3.00pm on Christmas Day here on the WycombeToday.com website.

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