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Opinion : Christmas Day 2014

| December 25, 2014


Once again yours truly finds myself sitting in an armchair trying to recover after eating a gargantuan Christmas dinner.

With my stomach stuffed to capacity I fear the only option is to give in and sleep the meal off. In fact the meal was so large that there is now have a dull pain in my chest, hopefully it will disappear soon.

No doubt there are many others relaxing in a chair after tucking into a hearty meal, we are truly lucky to live in a country where food is plentiful, elsewhere in the world at this very moment there are people going hungry and dying of starvation.

As usual your humble servant is spending Christmas with my neighbour.

Being alone at this time of year can be a terrible experience indeed I’m surprised someone hasn’t organised a volunteer scheme to visit those on their own on Christmas morning to cheer them up.

Christmas Day morning was quiet. As a unnatural calm falls over the streets of High Wycombe the only movement is from the occasional taxi driving past.

With buses not running if you don’t have a car and need to get anywhere the trusty taxi drivers are the only means of transport.

While we all laze around at home there are lots of people working to make sure we can have our Christmas.

Someone has to run the power stations to make the electricity that powers the ovens and TV sets of Wycombe. The television programmes we all watch have to be started and there are nurses, doctors and support workers at Wycombe Hospital caring for the patients.

According to an article on a national news site roughly 2.9% of the workforce will be working on Christmas Day just so we can enjoy ourselves.

I wonder how many people have taken time out this Christmas Day to think of all the people who make our Christmas possible by keeping essential services running?

If it wasn’t for the unsung workers our Christmas would not be possible.

Oh well, I can see a box of chocolates on the side board, time to open it and gorge the contents. I think my stomach can handle it….

Happy Christmas, I hope your Christmas has been as enjoyable as mine.

What do you think?

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