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Wycombe District Council offer advice on recycling your Christmas tree

| January 6, 2015

Now twelfth night is here it’s time to take down Christmas decorations and trees.

Wycombe District Council has issued advice on how to recycle Christmas trees both real and artificial. The advice is as follows :

Once all the decorations have been removed there are two easy options for real trees :

1) Using your green garden waste bin or bag

Fir trees need to be cut down and can be placed in as long as the diameter does not exceed 15 centimeters and the lid shuts flat or the contents does not overspill the green garden waste bag.

2) Take it to your nearest household waste recycling centre

Household waste recycling centers are located at :

Bledlow Ridge Wigans Lane, HP14 4BH
High Wycombe, Clay Lane, Booker, SL7 3DJ

If you wish to dispose of an artificial Christmas tree then put it into your black bin or purple sacks or alternatively take it to your local household waste recycling centre.

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