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Opinion : Beware of rucksacks and backpacks

| February 6, 2015


After eating my lunch on Friday my good self decided to take a walk around one of the town centre shops.

There I was walking around slowly perusing the goods on display when yours truly happened to walk past a young man with a rucksack on his back who was standing talking to what appeared to be some of his friends.

Just as I passed by the man turned around with no thought of the rucksack and where it may go. Unfortunately it hit me on my shoulder nearly knocking me over.

By George!‘ I exclaimed is a loud and distressed voice.

The young man just walked off completely oblivious to what had just happened. As I managed to regain my balance I looked in the distance to see that the youngster had got too close to a display in the shop and the rucksack caught some of the items sending them tumbling to the ground.

Surely it’s time backpacks and rucksacks were banned in the shops of the town as my experience toady has shown that they can be quite dangerous to others?

Smoking is banned in the shops and so is taking in dogs (other than guide dogs) however there are no rules surrounding dress code.

In some of the London shops the security guards ask anyone with a rucksack to carry it in their hand rather than wear it on their back while in the shop. This is very sensible.

Quite honestly I think it’s time that wearing bags on ones back was banned throughout the entirety of Wycombe town centre as well as on the buses after all you never know when someone will turn and potentially hit another person.

It seems young people are the worst offenders when it comes to wearing bags on the back, especially school children.

Surely carrying such a large weight on the back is not healthy and is likely to lead to back injuries and deformities in the young?

I wonder how many other people have experienced the same sort of thing as my good self did today? I fear it could be quite a common occurrence.

What do you think?

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