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Opinion : Spring is in the air

| February 20, 2015


Well, there’s another week over, and what a week it was.

My good self was literally rushed off my feet last week with so many things that needed doing and such little time to do them in.

On a brighter note, this week the first hint of spring was in the air. In my garden the first sign of the daffodils appearing can be seen giving a clear hint that the plants in my garden are waking up after the winter slumber.

In just over a weeks time it will be March and then grass cutting will soon become part of my regular weekly routing once again.

Growing plants may be beautiful but they make such a lot of work especially when they grow out of control and need cutting back.

It’s amazing how many home owners allow trees, bushes and shrubs to grow over the front fence of their property and into the area covered by pavement.

No only do overgrown plants make it difficult for pedestrians to walk by but, when on a corner by a junction, visibility for motorists turning out of side roads can be impeded.

Personally yours truly would like to see the powers that be go around cutting back overgrown hedges and trees and sending the bill for the work to the home owners who failed to maintain their gardens to an appropriate standard.

We hear so much about the dangers of motorists speeding and using portable phones while driving but very little is said about overgrown plants that reduce visibility.

Of course there is also the issue of plants that grown into the gardens of neighbouring houses leaving the home owner next door to cut off the branches and dispose of them.

There isn’t enough capacity in my black bin as it is without having to put hedge clippings and sawn off branches that were overhanging from the house next door into it.

I feel there are certain responsibilities that come with home ownership and making sure one’s garden does not become a nuisance to others is very high up on the list.

What do you think?

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