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Opinion : Smoke alarms should be compulsory

| March 6, 2015


The other day a hefty envelope dropped through my letter box and landed on the front door mat.

Obviously due to the size of the envelope one could easily deduce that the envelope contained a bill or something that required payment.

It turned out to be the renewal for my household insurance. Included with the payment was a policy schedule booklet giving details on what was and wasn’t covered should the worst happen to my lovely ancestral home.

If claiming for a burglary the policy clearly stated that last exit door must be locked with a five lever mortice lever lock, presumably to make it harder for burglars to gain entry.

When retiring to my bedchamber every night, or when yours truly leaves the house, to be covered for burglary the intruder alarm should also be put into full and effective operation to comply with the terms of my insurance.

Then the policy when on to discuss things like damage to my property by fire. However I was surprised to note that the policy didn’t say anything about having a smoke alarm installed as a condition when claiming for fire damage.

Surely in this modern age where safety comes first every home should have a fire alarm fitted? What better way to get everyone to install a fire alarm than for insurance companies to make it a mandatory requirement for insurance cover otherwise they won’t insure the house?

Of course the powers that be could solve the problem in an instant by insisting that a fully blown fire alarm system is installed in every new home that is built.

For a few pounds the installation of a fire alarm can give you vital minutes necessary to escape if your home goes up in smoke.

When a house, new or old, is bought it could be a condition to have a fire alarm fitted otherwise the sale can’t go through.

Regular readers will know of my disliking for the health and safety culture that has come ruin our society in recent years but in my opinion a smoke alarm is a good invention that we should all embrace.

The powers that be who run the country could do more to make all homes install smoke alarms if only they had the will to do so.

What do you think?

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