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Opinion : Easter reflections

| April 3, 2015


This is a very special time of year. Good Friday and Easter Sunday are the two most important dates in the Christian calendar after Christmas.

Naturally everyone has a holiday to mark the special importance of this weekend but just as in the case of Christmas I wonder how many people actually understand the significance of this time of year?

Yours truly spent Good Friday in my greenhouse tending to my plants. A friend told me that Wycombe town centre was filled with shoppers out looking for bargains.

I wonder how many people will go to church this Sunday? Probably very few as the bright lights and special offers in the town will lure the weak willed and non-religious away from the towns churches.

I wonder how many people sent a ‘Happy Easter’ card to someone? Or even bought someone an Easter present?

Sadly it seems many of the people of Wycombe have abandoned their religion in favour of the temptations of Lucifer. Buying a new TV or spending money on a credit card is the order of the day rather than paying a visit to a church.

Just as Christmas has been polluted in my opinion so has Easter too.

Maybe if more people were to stop and think about the teachings in the Bible then our society would be a better place.

Perhaps the problem is that people lead very busy lives and there simply isn’t time to fit everything in?

Perhaps the two day Bank Holiday needs extending to give everyone a whole week off during Easter so there is time to get things done and then have time to reflect on the special meaning of this time of year?

As for my good self, well, I will spend time to pause and think about Easter and all that it entails but four days off in a row will also give me plenty of time to relax in grounds of my estate and get plenty of odd jobs done.

Rather than waiting for people to go to church the church should go to the people? Perhaps one of the many empty retail units in the town centre could be used for a drop-in church?

Sadly over the years Easter has become another holiday and the religious meaning has been forgotten which is rather worrying and sad.

What do you think?

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