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Opinion : Finally the election is over….

| May 8, 2015


At last the Parliamentary elections have taken place, the votes have been counted and the winners have been announced.

Of course in this part of the country it was no surprise as to who was going to win. While the town of High Wycombe may be diverse in its political views so long as Marlow is in our constituency there will only ever be one outcome.

You may be surprised to know that my good self has quite an interest in politics, indeed I find the democratic process quite exciting especially when the smell of an election is in the air. In fact if I hadn’t decided to be a blogger yours truly would have made quite a nifty political commentator.

It was interesting to see the election results published in the news section of this site.

In the Aylesbury, Chesham & Amersham, Beaconsfield and High Wycombe constituencies there was one interesting point in the final results. While the Conservatives, Labour, the Liberal Democrats and UKIP all featured in the final results so did the Green Party.

In Wycombe the Green Party amassed a very respectable 3,086 votes (or a 6% share of the total vote). In Chesham and Amersham the Green Party candidate received 2,902 votes (or a 5.5%) share, in Beaconsfield, 2,231 votes (or a 4.2% share) and in Aylesbury it was 2,135 votes (or a 3.9% share).

Six percent of the total votes cast is a very respectable amount indeed I never knew there were so many residents of the district who thought in a Green way.

One fact is that the Green vote has risen dramatically since the 2010 election. So why could this be?

Are the people of South Bucks suddenly realising that the world is in danger and we need to be more in tune with nature to rescue our planet?

Did the vote rise because new people came to the area bringing with them new views or are the established citizens changing their views?

Looking at the Green Party mini manifesto 2015 the party is was longer focused purely on environmental issues, entitled ‘Vote for what you believe in’ the first words in the mini manifesto are ‘Imagine a political system that puts the people first. Imagine an economy that gives everyone their fair share….’.

Anyway, finally the election is over, there will be no more flyers, promotional materials and other paraphernalia dropping through my letterbox.

If there is a knock on my trusty front door when I open the door I’m not going to be faced with a candidate asking for my vote and the list of questions that I have prepared ready in case a candidate calls can be put away for another five years.

Thank heavens we can forget elections campaigns until the next time. To be honest they do tend to drag on a bit.

What do you think?

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