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Parliamentary Election Results 2015

| May 8, 2015


The results of the Parliamentary elections held on Thursday May 7th 2015 in the Aylesbury, Chesham & Amersham, Beaconsfield and High Wycombe constituencies have been announced.

Chesham & Amersham

Votes% Share% Change
ConservativeCheryl Gillan31,13859.1-1.3
UKIPAlan Stevens7,21813.7+9.6
LabourBen Davies6,71212.7+7.1
Liberal DemocratKirsten Johnson4,7619.0-19.5
Green PartyGill Walker2,9025.5+4.0


Votes% Share% Change
ConservativeDavid Lidington28,08350.7-1.5
UKIPChris Adams10,92519.7+12.9
LabourWilliam Cass8,39115.1+2.5
Liberal DemocratSteven Lambert5,88510.6-17.8
Green PartyDavid Lyons2,1353.9+3.9


Votes% Share% Change
ConservativeDominic Grieve33,62163.2+2.2
UKIPTim Scott7,31013.8+8.8
LabourTony Clements6,07411.4-0.3
Liberal DemocratPeter Chapman3,9277.4-12.2
Green PartyDave Hampton2,2314.2+2.7


Votes% Share% Change
ConservativeSteve Baker26,41151.4+2.8
LabourDavid Williams11,58822.5+5.2
UKIPDavid Meacock5,19810.1+5.7
Liberal DemocratSteve Guy4,5468.8-20.0
Green PartyJem Bailey3,0866.0+6.0
IndependentDavid Fitton5771.1+1.1

 *(% Change – Compared to 2010)

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