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Opinion : Football can be a cruel game

| May 26, 2015


On Saturday afternoon the supporters went off to Wembley full of expectation.

Sadly the supporters came home distraught after Wycombe’s football team failed to gain promotion.

Football can be a cruel game at times as was demonstrated last weekend especially as Wycombe had been near to the top of the league table for so many weeks during the early and middle part of the season.

However the team seemed to loose momentum as the season drew to a close and slipped into the murky waters of the play-off zone only to drown at the last moment.

What a cruel way to be robbed of promotion though on penalties during a sudden death shoot out.

It is often said that after extra time if the teams are both level then the penalty shoot out is not always the best, or fairest, way to decide something as important as promotion.

Surely it would be far better to come to a better arrangement such as seeing which team made the most attempts on goal during the match or which team had more possession of the ball?

With so many figures and statistics floating these days surely the team that showed the most entertaining football should be the one to gain promotion?

Maybe it would be better to decide promotion based on the average position attained in the league table over the course of a season, after all that shows quite clearly how well the team performed over the long term.

Unfortunately yours truly was unable to attend the game on Saturday due to the exorbitant cost of the match tickets and train fare to get to the stadium. Maybe my absence was for the best as I doubt if my heath would have stood the tension of a sudden death penalty competition.

One thing is for sure, at least Wycombe should be one of the teams to watch next season and hopefully they will be promoted in a years time.

It’s such a shame though that more of the townspeople of Wycombe don’t go over to the football ground and support the team, after all the football team are representing our town at a national level.

What do you think?

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