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Opinion : Roadwork hell comes to Desborough Avenue and Cressex

| May 26, 2015


The other day yours truly happened to be driving my trusty motor up Desborough Avenue.

Never before had my good self seen such a traffic jam snarling back from the direction of Cressex.

The petrol wasted crawling slowly bumper to bumper must have been horrendous not to mention the wear and tear on my trusty clutch as I attempted to keep my motor to a snails pace behind the car in front.

Upon reaching the top it seems the hold up was caused by roadworks, in fact these must surely be the biggest roadworks seen in Wycombe for years.

With one carriage way closed off and a set of traffic lights controlling traffic coming from all three directions to the roundabout at the top of Desborough Avenue by the petrol station is it any wonder the congestion was so bad.

Several motorists couldn’t be bothered to wait for the traffic lights to change and instead they decided to nip through the forecourt of the filling station to cut the corner off and head off in the direction of Marlow Hill.

Surely these road works could have been performed in a manner that caused less dicruption?

Did they need to dig up every road in the area at exactly the same time?

I wonder how much business Wycombe has lost as a result of these roadworks?

No doubt there are many other motorists in the town who are as angry at the disruption as myself. But what can we do? It seems very little.

Apparently the roadworks are scheduled to last for twelve weeks, with one week done I doubt if the town can survive another eleven weeks of roadwork hell in Cressex.

With such an important area of road effectively put out of action it means that drivers are finding alternative routes thus putting stress on the other, less used, routes through town.

I for one will be avoiding the Cressex area for a good while to come, my time is precious and I can’t afford to sit about in a huge traffic jam simply because of some roadworks.

What do you think?

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