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Opinion : Why do the dust carts collect in rush hour?

| July 21, 2015


As far as I’m concerned the worst thing is getting stuck in a traffic jam on the way to work.

My good self may not have far to travel to work compared to some but encountering a queue of traffic can be most annoying even on the shortest of journeys.

If the delays are caused by urgent roadworks or the emergency services then there is an air of acceptability surrounding the tailback. However more often than not an early morning dustcart collecting domestic refuse is the cause of the motorists misery.

In the past couple of weeks your humble servant has encountered dust carts in West Wycombe Road, Chapel Lane and Desborough Avenue. All of which are busy roads and places where collecting rubbish during rush hour is madness.

It’s bad enough encountering the refuse collectors in the residential areas but on the A40 during rush hour? Who on earth planned the collection schedules to create such a situation? Even if the cart is carrying out a missed collection it should not be done during peak times.

Overtaking a dustcart is particularly dangerous especially on a busy road when there is lots of oncoming traffic.

Not only is it frustrating for the motorists trying to get to work but surely the operatives of the dust cart are being put at risk unnecessarily by being exposed to rush hour traffic and all that entails?

If my good self were in charge the refuse collectors would not be allowed on the towns major roads before 9.00am or after 4.00pm on weekdays. Instead during the aforementioned hours they would be at work in the out of the way roads in the housing estates of Wycombe or in remote places like Speen, Downley and Booker.

The powers that be publish a list of which days the dustmen are collecting in a certain road. We all know the dustmen usually come round to collect at the same time as they follow pre-planned routes so wouldn’t it be interesting to see a map showing the times the refuse collections are scheduled to be in each road?

The modern refuse collection service is all about cost cutting and efficiency however it doesn’t appear to consider the impact can have on the rest of the community in particular motorists who have to negotiate a way around the dustcart as it waits beside the road for the operatives to do their work.

I say ban the dustcart’s from Wycombe’s main roads at peak times and let the people get to work so the town can become prosperous again.

What do you think?

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