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Opinion : Wednesday 9th September 2015 : A day when history will be made

| September 8, 2015


History will be made on Wednesday 9th September 2015 when Queen Elizabeth II will become Britain’s longest serving monarch.

Indeed it will be momentous day in the history of Britain and one that my good self will be privileged to witness.

So what is going to be done in Wycombe to mark this special day in history?

Well, it seems that nothing is going to be done. What a shame.

Surely there could have been a party (or celebratory luncheon) in the Town Hall? Oh, I forgot Wycombe doesn’t have a Town Hall after it was handed over to a theatrical company and besides months after starting work they’re still working on replacing the roof on the building so it’s not really functional.

Well how about a party for local school children? Yes, that would be a good idea as it would give the youngsters a sense that they were witnessing history. Unfortunately that isn’t happening either.

Back in the 1977 things were very different when there were street parties to mark the Queen’s Silver Jubilee. Sadly both times, and society, have changed.

Maybe Wycombe should do something more permanent to recognise the achievement of our longest serving monarch?

How about naming (or renaming) a major road in the town in honour of our Queen? After all we have Queen Victoria Road and Queen Alexandra Road so why not Queen Elizabeth II Road or even Queen Elizabeth II Drive?

Yes, that seems a good idea to me. Perhaps a suitable candidate for renaming would be the rather blandly named ‘New Road’ that links Sands to Cressex? Indeed it’s an ‘A’ class road being the A4010.

Oh, but hang on a minute, isn’t the A4010 going to be one of the roads blighted by the waste transfer scheme that’s planned for the High Heavens Waste Disposal Complex at Booker? We could hardly have people turning up to see a road named in honour of our longest serving monarch only to find that a dustcart passes by every few minutes.

Perhaps the installation of a statue of our glorious Queen could be erected in Frogmoor, and a working replica of old fountain installed too as part of the rejuvenation plans for that part of town? This is unlikely to happen as the powers that be seem determined to consign the Frogmoor area to the wilderness.

Sadly I fear, as usual, nothing will be done in Wycombe and yet again an important date in history will go by unnoticed.

Well, my good self will not be wasting the day. My Union Jack waistcoat has been neatly pressed and it’s all ready for me to wear on Wednesday. If you see me striding out as I walk down the High Street on my regular lunchtime walk around the town centre why not come up to me and say ‘hello’.

No doubt yours truly will be the only one marking the special day in history which is a dreadful shame.

What do you think?

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