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Opinion : We can be proud of our hospital

| October 6, 2015


Did you see the news article that appeared on the news section of this site yesterday entitled ‘Stroke service based at Wycombe Hospital given highest ‘A’ rating‘?

It’s good to hear that Wycombe Hospital is one of the best hospitals in the Country when it comes to stroke services.

In fact it makes me proud to think that we have such excellent facilities right here in High Wycombe should we ever need to call upon them.

Of course obtaining an ‘A’ rating just doesn’t happen. It takes a lot of hard work and dedication from those involved to bring services up to such a high level. Indeed we should be praising everyone involved for all their hard work and effort that made the stroke services so good.

The 150,000 (or so) people who live in the area served by the hospital are very lucky to have such a good hospital so near to them.

With my advancing years my good self is becoming more of a regular visitor to the hospital to treat the various ailments that come with old age. Every time yours truly visits the hospital, whether it be to see a consultant or just for a simple blood test, the nurses, doctors and staff are always friendly and helpful.

It’s just a shame that over the years the hospital has lost key services like A&E and the maternity services that were taken away a few years ago.

To me it seems daft that Wycombe Hospital has so many areas of excellence yet the hospital has been stripped of the service that people think is most important namely the A&E.

With the extremely dangerous M40 so close to the town and a large population surely being able to treat accident victims is essential? I think it’s daft that if something serious happens unexpectedly one has to travel miles to Stoke Mandeville for A&E services while the everyday services that patients need are on our doorstep.

Just add A&E and Wycombe Hospital would become an even greater asset to the town.

Despite the efforts of my good self, who continually raises the subject of the lost services, and campaign groups like SaveWycombeHospital we are no nearer to getting the lost services back.

Wycombe Hospital is a hospital to be proud of, the facilities there are some of the best in the Country if not the best. Just think of all the hard work being put in by the doctors, nurses and staff who are there if we need them. They’re doing a great job.

What do you think?

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