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Opinion : If a vehicle doesn’t meet emission standards it should not be on the road

| October 16, 2015


There’s nothing like the pleasure and exhilaration that comes from driving one’s car on the open road.

Indeed opening up the engine on my motor over the Abbey Way flyover and feeling several hundred horsepower propelling me towards Oxford Road on my way home every evening is one of the highlights of my day.

What could be nicer than the sound of a big V8 racing engine roaring up Marlow Hill or burbling along the West Wycombe Road?

Yes, the sights, sounds and smells of a fine motor are one of life’s pleasures. Of course one always has to obey the speed limit, keep the car roadworthy and make sure that the vehicle conforms to regulations including emission controls.

Sadly it seems that one manufacturer of motor vehicles has had problems recently with the ’emission control’ aspect as anyone who reads the national news will know.

Once touted as the clean alternative to petrol it has recently been revealed that some diesel engines are far from clean when it comes to their emissions indeed special computer software has been used to make engines appear to meet the legal requirements when, in actual use on the road, they don’t.

For years now the vehicles in question have been polluting the environment unnecessarily but they passed the MOT test because the computer could detect the vehicle was being checked and special software altered the settings of the engine.

Why on earth are cars that are now acknowledged to fail to meet the emission levels still on the road? If the environment is so important surely these vehicles should be banished from the highway until they are modified so they are unlikely to harm the environment?

If the vehicles can’t meet the standards they should be forcibly scrapped by the Government.

With all the computer technology available today why did it take so long to discover that these vehicles were not as clean as they were supposed to be?

Sadly the emission tests on a vehicle are only done once a year at the point of MOT. Why can’t the vehicles store the engine data in their on board computers so the MOT tester can download them to see exactly what the vehicles engine was doing when it was on the road?

All these new fanged computers are a menace to society. If they aren’t being hacked the computers are fiddling emission tests or doing other nasties. With a proper manual carburettor there could be no fiddling.

Just think of all the pedestrians who have, and still are, being smothered in unnecessary emissions from those suspect diesel engines. What diseases, brain damage, or worse are they likely to suffer?

It’s about time the cars that don’t conform to the emission regulations are taken off the road for the health of the rest of the population.

What do you think?

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