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Sub zero temperatures bring gritters to the roads for second night running

| November 21, 2015

For the second night running gritters have taken to the roads of South Buckinghamshire.

Sub zero temperatures combined with rain forecast for the early hours of Saturday 21st November 2015 brought the gritters out on all precautionary routes in South Bucks for the first time this winter. The gritting commenced in South Bucks at 4.00am and was completed by 7.00am.

With heavy frost and sub zero temperatures again forecast for the early hours of Sunday 22nd November 2015 the gritters took to the roads again at 6.00pm on the evening of Saturday 2st November 2015 ensuring that 25 precautionary routes in Buckinghamshire were kept ice free and passable.

The cold snap is forecast to last until Tuesday 24th November 2015 when night time temperatures are expected to rise.

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