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Bucks County Council launch consultation on their 2016/7 budget

| November 27, 2015

Buckinghamshire County Council Offices, Aylesbury. 2009-04-06

Buckinghamshire County Council has launched a consultation asking for views on how to save money in their 2016/7 budget.

The Council, which provides 120 different services to around 200,000 households, must find £13m of savings which will have an impact on everyone who lives and works in Bucks.

Some of the services provided by the Council are social care for vulnerable children and adults and looking after the County’s 3,500 miles of roads and pavements.

Last year the budget was £337m with the biggest amount spent on vulnerable adults and children.

Funding comes from Council tax, local business rates and grants from central Government however the central Government grants are likely to disappear within 5 years.

Since 2010 around £100m of savings have been made by cutting management and back office costs, introducing new ways to bring in money for front line services, easing charges for some service, seeking outside money for project that deliver help economic development and growth.

Currently all non-essential spending is being frozen.

Next year BCC wanted to raise Council Tax by 1.99% (or 43p per week for the average band D property) but the Chancellor has said that councils which provide social care can raise Council Tax by an extra 2% to cope with addition pressures so BCC will be raising Council Tax to 3.99% (or 89p per week for the average band D property).

To make further savings residents are being asked contact the Council on-line rather than by phone as this saves £2.68 for each contact. Foster parents are being asked to come forward as this saves £22,000 for each child fostered as no fostering agency is involved. More recycling will help to increase savings, which already amount to £11m per year.

To find out more on the budget proposals and to have your say you can visit the 2016/7 Budget Consultation page on the Buckinghamshire County Council website.

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