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Opinion : Easter should be celebrated not turned into a holiday

| March 22, 2016


It certainly was nice weather today.

Strolling along Wycombe High Street at lunchtime not only was there a spring in my step but Spring was definitely in the air too.

After eating my sandwiches there was just some time left for a wander around the shops.

In just a few days time it will be Good Friday leading into the Easter weekend and the first Bank Holiday of the year.

As your humble servant ambled around the shops there was very little sign of the fast approaching Easter break other than the odd display of Easter eggs.

Of course in the Christian calendar Easter is the second most important time of the year after Christmas. So much fuss is made of Christmas yet Easter always comes off a poor second.

Sadly I fear the people of today are unaware of the significance of Easter just like so many think only of presents and eating food at Christmas rather than what the time of year actually signifies.

Easter is also traditionally a time when the gardeners of the town start making preparations for the growing season. Easter may be early this year but the two days off work with a weekend inbetween are most welcome with so much to be done in the garden.

It’s such a shame that this important time of year is not being celebrated by so many people, instead it is considered to be a holiday. Easter has become a religious ceremony that people allow to pass by.

Only yesterday I posted some Easter cards to my friends, after asking around amongst my colleagues at work none of them sent a single Easter card this year which is a dreadful shame.

What will be happening in Wycombe town centre this Easter? Perhaps an Easter parade along the High Street? Or perhaps some celebrations to mark Holy Week and the resurrection of Christ?

Sadly not much seems planned. The shops will be open as usual and people will be going about as normal.

At least Easter eggs are still called Easter eggs and the religious sentiment has not been removed like the substitution of the word ‘festive’ for ‘Christmas’ so as not to upset other religions.

With so many people off work and not likely to take place in religious activities I would have thought that a show or other large event could have been organised in the town, or perhaps on the Rye, for the townspeople to engage in but alas not.

Oh dear. The people of today appear to have a care free attitude when it comes to religion which is a dreadful shame.

As for my good self, well, I shall respect Good Friday and Easter Sunday but on the Saturday and Bank Holiday Monday I shall take the opportunity to spend some time in the grounds of my ancestral home getting ready for the growing season.

What a shame Easter has become a holiday rather than a religious ‘festival’.

What do you think?

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