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Opinion : Good Friday in High Wycombe

| March 25, 2016


Today was Good Friday, a special day in the Christian calendar commemorating the crucifixion of Jesus Christ.

Good Friday started like any other day, opening the back door a pint of milk was ready and waiting for my breakfast delivered during the early hours of the morning apparently from a depot somewhere in Watford.

After eating a hearty breakfast yours truly retired to the drawing room to read the newspaper that arrived through the letterbox with a thump.

Well, actually it was several thumps because firstly the newspaper was pushed through the letter box then a series of supplements were skilfully manoeuvred through each making a thud of varying size as they arrived on the doormat.

Although I did not venture into Wycombe town centre myself I have it on good authority that shops opened, bus services ran, taxis plied for business and life went on oblivious to the fact it was Good Friday.

As for myself, well, after spending a few quiet moments contemplating the meaning of the day some friends arrived to spend this special day with my good self.

The morning drifted into lunchtime, the weather was so nice that during the afternoon we all decided to go outdoors to have tea in the extensive gardens of my ancestral home.

No sooner had we put the jam on our scones than a plume of smoke started rising in the distance, the very slight breeze was not in our favour and the smoke started making its way towards us.

Oh dear. After retiring into the sanctuary of my dining room we all watched as the area where we had been sitting become engulfed in the acrid smoke from the distant bonfire.

Sadly the powers that be don’t seem to worried about bonfires, smoking cigarettes is outlawed in public places but sadly not bonfires in residential areas indeed regular readers will know of my annoyance at the fact that bonfires are not illegal in the town.

Good Friday was anything but good. The world in general ignored the fact that the day was special. Shops traded for profit, buses and taxis gladly took the people to the shops, milkmen delivered as if it was a normal day.

As I wrote in my last blog, Good Friday was not celebrated indeed it was treated as a holiday for people to do what they wanted. Some inconsiderate people even lit bonfires to spoil others enjoyment of the day.

I wonder what Jesus would say if he could see what happened today in Wycombe and the other towns across the country?

Sadly religion slipped from the centre of our society somewhere in the middle part of the last century. Churches throughout the town have closed reflecting the diminishing number of followers of Christianity.

What do you think?

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