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Police and Crime Commissioner election results 2016

| May 6, 2016

Conservative candidate Anthony Stansfeld has been re-elected as the Police and Crime Commissioner for the Thames Valley with 202,396 votes or 54% of the final vote.

Once second preference votes had been counted Labour’s Laetisia Carter came second with 172,717 votes or 46% of the final vote.

As no candidate received more than 50% of the first vote preference the count went to a second round.After the first round votes were counted both the UKIP candidate, Lea Trainer, and Liberal Democrat candidate, John Howson, were eliminated. Mr Howson received 14.45% of the votes and Mr Trainer 12.12%.

Counting of the votes started at 10.00am on Friday 6th May 2016, voter turnout was 25.6% of registered electors which is almost double compared with the turn out of 12.90% in 2012.

In High Wycombe 17.2% of the electorate (21,531 of 125,237 registered voters) voted.

In Aylesbury 19.2% of the electorate (25,427 out of 132,493 registered voters) voted.

In South Bucks 18.4% of of the electorate (9,464 out of 51,517 registered voters) voted.

In Chiltern 19.5% of the electorate (13,695 out of 70,126 registered voters) voted

In the entire Thames Valley region of the 1,672,861 eligible to vote 427,994 people voted.

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