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Opinion : To cut the verge, or not cut the verge – that is the question

| May 20, 2016


It was nice, sunny, warm weather at lunchtime on Friday so yours truly decided to take the afternoon off work as holiday and enjoy the sunshine.

Instead of eating my sandwiches in the town centre my good self jumped in my trusty motor and visited Downley common to rest on a bench to eat my lunch.

While sitting on the bench eating my lunch, in the distance I could see three groundsmen busy with their lawnmowers preparing the common for the cricket match on Saturday.

When my lunch was finished yours truly made my way home. It was such a nice afternoon that after spending some time in my greenhouse my good self decided to run the mower over my own lawn.

Four hours later the large expanse of the formal lawn had been cut. The neatly mowed grass looked most impressive with the clearly defined grenadier stripes on the lawn visible for all to see.

In fact things looked so nice that it seemed like a good idea to take a picture the result of my afternoons work. Naturally yours truly wanted to make the picture as impressive as possible so I made my way down the long drive to the road to take the picture from the pavement outside.

It was then that your humble servant saw the state of the grass verge outside.

By George! I exclaimed upon seeing the state of the grass on the verge outside my home. The grass was long, untidy and quite honestly it was a disgrace.

So what can be done?

I was left with the question that many proud home owners have faced over the years : ‘To cut the verge, or not cut the verge – that is the question’.

Well, my commercial lawnmower would soon turn the ragged grass verge into a beautifully manicured area of lawn.

Sadly the verge is not owed by myself.

Using a petrol powered ride-on mower on the verge may require me to possess a road tax for the mower. Then of course there would be the matter of insurance.

Of course a hand powered push mower would do the job just as well but suppose the mower accidentally hit a car and caused damage? Again the insurance question raises it’s head.

What was to be done?

Naturally my good self does not want to fall foul of the law so, playing it safe I decided to leave the cutting of the verge to the municipal authorities who, from looking at their website, aim to cut the verges four times a year.

Sadly the verge cutting schedule does not take into account how much rain and sunshine we have and therefore it does not correlate to how much the grass has grown.

Untidy grass verges make homes look unkempt and give the impression of nobody at home which in turn increases the likelihood of criminals targeting the property for burglary purposes.

It’s about time the powers that be cut the grass verges outside houses more often or at least let the home owners ‘take over’ the verges so they can cut them as often as they like indeed my good self would willing ‘take over’ the cutting of the verge outside my home in return for a discount on my Council Tax.

Maybe if at the very least the powers that be published a legal guide on the implications of home owners mowing their own verges then it would result in savings for the powers that be because the mowing contractors would have less work to do.

What do you think?

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