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Clearer lines and signs to be installed in Oxford Road, High Wycombe

| June 3, 2016

In order to help motorists negotiate the Bridge Street junction clearer lines and signs are to be installed in Oxford Road, High Wycombe.

About a month ago the lanes on the approach to the junction from the Abbey Way roundabout were reconfigured as part of the new Westbourne Street Link project.

The lines are to be installed following feedback from drivers. Buckinghamshire County Council engineers say they need to make instructions clearer to direct traffic into the right lanes.

The changes include installing more white lines and direction arrows further back from the Bridge Street junction, on the junction itself and amending direction signs.

The work is expected to take place overnight on Tuesday 7th June 2016 providing the weather is dry.

Transport Cabinet Member Mark Shaw said: ‘We’ve been monitoring the present arrangements for the past few weeks and the feedback I’m getting is that they’re not clear enough.

We’re more than happy to make the necessary adjustments to make lines and signs clearer and give motorists earlier warning.

Following the changes County Council engineers will continue to monitor the junction and traffic flows.

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