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Opinion : Did you see the England women’s national football team play in Wycombe last Saturday?

| June 7, 2016


Last Saturday I visited my neighbours house and happened to see the live televised match featuring the England women’s national football team playing at Adams Park.

By George! It was a most entertaining match with the England women’s national team beating the Serbian ladies team by seven goals to nil.

Not only was the match an excellent showcase for women’s football in general but it also showed the rest of the world the excellent ground and facilities at Adams Park.

The stands were full of supporters, the players were very professional and hosting the match in Wycombe did wonders for the town.

Let’s have some more women’s international matches at Adams Park, indeed yours truly was so impressed that next time a match takes place there I may just go over and show my support in person.

After the match was over yours truly sat in my armchair thinking just how good the match had been. I was left wanting to know more about women’s football, for instance is there a ladies team for Wycombe?

After a little research, and several minutes browsing the Wycombe Wanderers website, your humble servant came across the one and only reference to the existence of a Wycombe Wanderers ladies team on the website and a follow-on link to the teams player profiles.

There is indeed a Wycombe Wanderers ladies team who, in the 2015/6 season competed in the Thames Valley Southern First Division. It seems they are very successful as in 2014/5 the ladies team reached two cup semi-finals and won promotion after recording victories in nine of their sixteen league fixtures.

Apparently the team train every Wednesday from 7.30pm at Wye Valley School in Bourne End and play their home matches in either Stoke Poges or Fulmer on Sunday afternoons.

I would like to see the ladies team play and show my support but Stoke Poges and Fulmer is just too far for me to travel. What on earth don’t they play their games in Wycombe? Surely there must be suitable facilities in Wycombe with all the open space there is in and around the town?

It seems such a shame the team play their matches so far from Wycombe especially considering that Adams Park was such a magnificent setting for the England women’s national team last Saturday.

Sadly I was unable to find any references on the main club website to the results of the games the Wycombe ladies team have played in, what a shame. How can the team grow and gain support if the fan base is unaware of the latest news on the players, results and how well the team is doing?

Last Saturday Adams Park appeared to be packed with supporters. There is obviously a great following for ladies football in the country indeed it would be interesting to know how many of the supporters on Saturday were actually from Wycombe?

The sooner ladies football takes place in Wycombe the better and let’s have more televised international matches from Adams Park too.

What do you think?

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