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Opinion : We’re out! Britain said leave – but Wycombe said remain….

| June 24, 2016


We’re out! In a momentous decision the people of the UK have decided to leave the European Union.

On Thursday evening it was looking very much like our country would remain in the EU however on Friday morning a mushroom cloud was hanging over Brussels.

Personally my good self has seen the decision to leave coming for a long time, it was just a matter of when the referendum took place.

So what went wrong? Our relationship with Europe was supposed to have been as a member of the European Economic Community. However over the past 43 years the Common Market morphed into the vision of a European superstate with member states forming part of a European Union.

What surprised me was the result of the vote in Wycombe to remain. The Chiltern local counting area was also in favour of remaining while Aylesbury Vale and South Bucks were marginally in favour of leaving.

Of course here in Wycombe a large section of the community is from the EU and our town has many shops in the town centre specialising in foods from Eastern Europe. Surely Wycombe was a model town for the vision of communities coming together and the integration of European citizens?

From the perspective of those from other EU countries living here the referendum decision must make them feel as if they are not wanted.

So what will happen? Will those from the EU stay or elect to move on to pastures new? Will we see a rise in the number of empty homes in Wycombe and an increase in the number of jobs? Only time will tell.

One thing is sure. While other EU member states may be reluctant partners of an ever increasing Union the citizens of Britain have spoken and said enough is enough.

The people of Britain are not afraid to voice their concerns. We will not be put down or led into a superstate Union that we never signed up for in the first place.

Europe has always been central to events in our country, people must not forget that it was Britain who saved Europe from the abyss in 1945 and 1918.

Many people think the EU project is doomed, after all just look at the mess the Euro currency is in. If other EU member states follow our lead and hold referendums that result in them leaving the EU then has Britain perhaps saved Europe again in 2016?

What do you think?

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