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Opinion : Is it safe to sit down in Wycombe town centre?

| July 14, 2016


Regular readers will know that my good self likes nothing better than to sit on a bench in grounds of the parish church and enjoy my sandwiches at lunchtime.

However it seems that things have got so bad in Wycombe that even sitting down can put one at risk in our town.

Reading the articles on the news section of this site it seems that last Friday 8th July 2016, just after 2.00pm a man was punched in the face while sitting on a bench in White Hart Street. Then a few minutes later, at around 2.30pm, a boy sitting on the Rye was injured during GBH attack by men carrying a baseball bat and a knife.

Now, I’m no detective, however it seems strange that both incidents happened within a few moments of each other and involved people sitting down. Of course there is nothing to suggest the incidents are linked at all indeed it may be pure coincidence.

With all the troubles that Wycombe has endured over the years it now seems that even sitting down is dangerous. What has our town come to when tired and weary people can’t even pause for a rest on a bench and watch the world go by?

Surely the assaults on innocent people a few days ago have taken crime and violence to a new low in High Wycombe?

How are we to expect visitors and shoppers to come to Wycombe if people are no longer safe just sitting and resting?

It’s about time the powers that be stood up and took control back from the mindless yobs who are tearing the fabric of our society apart.

Perhaps it’s clear that flooding a town centre with CCTV is no longer a deterrent?

If only the money that has been wasted on CCTV cameras had been spent on providing actual police on the beat then perhaps the offenders would have been caught rather than us merely having a blurry and pixelated picture to gorp at after the event.

Well, yours truly is not deterred. I shall continue to take my life into my own hands and risk eating my sandwiches on a bench in the grounds of the parish church.

Next time I sit down for lunch let’s hope yours truly can eat my cucumber sandwiches without being attacked by mindless thugs…. What has Wycombe come to?

What do you think?

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