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Opinion : Why does all of Wycombe’s rubbish go to the dump at Booker?

| August 2, 2016


It was most miserable weather at lunchtime today. The rain was just enough to spoil the day but not enough to water the gardens of the town.

Arriving home in the evening after a punishing day at work I headed straight for my favourite arm chair to sit and have a well deserved rest and to bring myself up to date with the latest happenings in Wycombe on the news section of this site.

An article entitled ‘Top ten excuses given by people convicted of fly tipping in Buckinghamshire revealed‘ caught my attention.

By George! Some of the excuses listed are so daft it’s unbelievable.

Fly tipping is something that really should never happen, dumping rubbish in the countryside is just not on especially when there are facilities on hand to dispose of rubbish properly. To put it simply there is simply no excuse for allowing ones rubbish to be dumped in beautiful countryside or beside the road.

My good self is lucky when it comes to waste disposal as I live within close (but not too close!) proximity of Wycombe’s main dump at High Heavens. But for those on the other side of town getting rid of rubbish is slightly harder.

For example those living in Downley and Hazlemere have quite a journey across town to get rid of any excess rubbish. Scaling back black bin collections to just once every two weeks must have exacerbated matters.

I wonder how many cars, vans and other vehicles travel down Cressex Road just to visit the dump in Booker?

If there was another waste disposal site in Wycombe, perhaps on the other side of town, there would be no need for those on the other side of town to journey to Booker to get rid of their rubbish.

As far as I’m aware the rubbish is, or is planned to be, containerised up and taken by road to disposal sites in North Bucks. To me is seems daft that before it can leave Wycombe all the rubbish has to be taken to a far flung and out of the way place like High Heavens before being brought back down the same road it travelled to get there to continue its journey.

To make a daft situation even dafter several times a day a train travels though Wycombe carrying the rubbish from West London. Why can’t Wycombe’s rubbish be added to the back of that train?

All it would need is a containerisation facility built close to the railway line, say at West Wycombe, then people could simply dump their rubbish there and it could be whisked away quickly and efficiently.

In my humble opinion it seems daft that people from far and wide have to make a pilgrimage to High Heavens in Booker with cars and vans full of rubbish when disposal could be quicker and more efficient.

What do you think?

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