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School Crossing Patroller saves child from stepping into a busy main road in Naphill

| September 29, 2016

Mark Shaw (Buckinghamshire County Council Transport Cabinet Member), Kate Cooper, Peter Williams and Mark Williams.

A School Crossing Patroller risked her own life when she saved a toddler from stepping into a busy main road in Naphill.

Kate Cooper, the lollipop patroller for Naphill and Walters Ash, dived in front of two-year-old Mark Williams as he toddled on to the pavement outside the school where he met his big brother, blissfully unaware of the dangers ahead.

Kate used her STOP pole to prevent him from stepping into oncoming traffic, however she pulled a muscle in the process.

Mark’s dad, Peter Williams, was very grateful that Kate was on duty and said it was a valuable road safety lesson for Mark.

On 27th September 2016 Kate received a surprise visit from Buckinghamshire County Council Transport Cabinet Member Mark Shaw with a gift voucher, chocolates and flowers.

Mark Shaw said: ‘I was delighted to present Kate with her gifts. Without her selfless action, young Mark could have ended up with serious injuries or worse. Kate is an exemplar among our fantastic School Crossing Patrol team in Bucks.

Two-year-old Mark also showed his gratitude by presenting Kate with his own thank you picture the following day.

Kate said: ‘I’m very flattered by all of this. I was just doing my job!

Mark Shaw added: ‘Every day our crossing patrollers meet the public and make an important contribution to our communities by ensuring thousands of children and parents have a safe journey to and from school. We could do with more public-spirited people like Kate to help our children cross busy roads by their schools.

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