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Opinion : Killer clowns – An excuse for people with sick minds to terrorise others

| October 10, 2016


In this modern world it seems those with sick minds are happy to grasp any opportunity to terrorise and intimidate others.

No doubt you will have read of the latest craze where people dressed as clowns jump out on, intimidate, threaten or harass others. Indeed at the weekend Thames Valley Police saw 14 reported incidents of clowns causing trouble in a 24 hour period.

In Kidlington, Oxfordshire, a 10 year old child was chased through a park by a man dressed as a clown and carrying a baseball bat. National news sites have reported many other incidents.

Thankfully there have been no reported incidents in Wycombe as yet however Chesham has already has problems with killer clowns.

What sick people there must be in society if they think it’s acceptable, let alone funny, to scare people. To dress up as a clown while scaring is totally despicable.

Modern society seems tilted towards hate rather than compassion indeed for many years it has been considered acceptable for children to go around at Halloween time participating in trick or treating.

The great and the good who make our laws have not outlawed trick or treat and surely the killer clowns is just the next step in the evolution of trick or treat?

Of course a killer clown can strike at any time, without warning and at any time of the year.

Only the other day my good self was in White Hart Street at lunchtime talking to a friend who was in town shopping with their young child. In the course of conversation the subject arose of clowns and especially clowns luring children into buildings.

All of a sudden the youngster said ‘Mummy, I know where there is a building with a clown inside‘. ‘By George!’, I exclaimed.

Naturally yours truly swung into action, and asked the child to take me to the building where the clown was.

The child took us towards the High Street. As we passed under the Guildhall my good self undid the cuffs on my shirt and started rolling my sleeves up in case I had to participate in hand-to-hand combat with the fiend.

We ended up outside a well known fast food restaurant. While there is indeed a clown associated with the establishment in question thankfully this incident can be put down as a false alarm.

The killer clown phenomenon started in America and spread using social media, one incident ballooned into a world wide craze. If there had been no internet there would be no publicity and the world would not have a problem with killer clowns. Once again the internet is a bringer of distress rather than compassion.

In my opinion the killer clowns have come to symbolise everything that is wrong with modern society. A clown is supposed to be a symbol of fun and comedy not of hate and violence. Sadly hate and violence is central to modern society.

It was never like this in the 60’s or 70’s, back then we were singing songs proclaiming that ‘All you need is love, love, love is all you need‘.

What do you think?

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