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Opinion : Let’s see a crackdown on the yobbos who run amok in Wycombe town centre

| January 3, 2017

A few days ago, just before Christmas, yours truly wrote a blog entitled ‘Is it too dangerous to do Christmas shopping in Wycombe?‘ indeed you may remember reading it as it proved to be highly popular.

Unfortunately it seems that my observations in that aforementioned blog sadly turned out to be correct. On Saturday 31st November 2016, the last day of the year an article appeared on the news section of this site entitled ‘Man sustained broken rib during attack by teenagers in Eden Shopping Centre, High Wycombe‘.

From reading the news article it would seem that a man was subject to an assault by a group of five teenagers which left him requiring hospital treatment for a broken rib, bruising and facial injuries.

Well, sadly that’s Wycombe. The pre-Christmas period should have been one of jollity and fun in laughter filled streets. Sadly our town was tormented by gangs of young yobbos cruising around on bicycles and skateboards causing mayhem to the decent law abiding citizens who just wanted to go about their daily business.

When will something be done to tackle the menace of the young yobbos?

When will the laws regarding riding bicycles at speed on pavements be enforced?

When will our town be rid of the trouble causing delinquents who contribute nothing to society?

Unless the streets of Wycombe are reclaimed for the law abiding then surely our town is doomed to sink further into the abyss? Action needs to be taken, particularly during school holidays and important events, the make sure any trouble makers are brought to book swiftly by the powers that be.

Instead of ambulances being called to take away the injured for treatment at hospital let’s see police vans arriving to take away the offenders for appearance before a court of law.

Our town is one of great opportunity but the actions of a few are stifling the ability of the town to move forward. Every report of a person being injured in the town centre is a step backwards. Every person who leaves after an upsetting incident in the streets of the town is a step back for Wycombe’s economic development.

Towns nearby are not plagued with these problems so why should Wycombe be?

I hate to say ‘told you so….‘ but the fact is that is was apparent in the run up to Christmas that yobbos were running out of control in the town centre.

Sadly in the namby pamby modern world in which we live the powers that be are more likely to put on shows and street entertainment to keep the youngsters amused than to launch a crackdown on the troublemakers.

If the powers that be can’t get things under control then maybe instead we should all travel to Marlow, Beaconsfield, Gerrards Cross and Princes Risborough to do our shopping?

What do you think?

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