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Opinion : Will you be playing the new Wycombe Lottery?

| April 12, 2017

Have you heard about the new ‘Wycombe Lottery’ which will soon be operating in High Wycombe?

According to an article that appeared in the news section of this site the new ‘Wycombe Lottery’, which starts in June 2017, will benefit local good causes.

Of course Wycombe isn’t the first town to have a lottery, indeed a similar type of scheme started in Aylesbury back in November 2015.

In my opinion the new lottery will do well, after all we must be a town of gambles by the huge number of bookmakers who have set up shop in the town.

Once upon a time Wycombe was known for the furniture industry now our town’s economy is focused on charity shops, bookmakers, fast food takeaway establishments, hairdressing boutiques and prostitution.

At least the new Wycombe Lottery will be an ‘official’ lottery rather than the ‘unofficial’ lotteries that players in the town take part in at the moment.

When my good self says ‘unofficial’ lotteries yours truly is of course referring to such exciting past times as the ‘Wycombe Parking Lottery’, where players leave their car parked beside the road in the hope of winning the daily first prize of free parking without receiving a ticket from a parking attendant.

The odds of winning in the ‘Parking Lottery’ are quite high and your humble servant has heard of many highly addicted players who win day after day.

Then of course there is the ‘Wycombe Motoring Lottery’ which takes place in residential areas of the town during weekends. Players generally disobey the rules of the Highway Code by speeding (up to 100MPH) around the roads trying to avoid the children playing in the streets.

Serious players in ‘Wycombe Motoring Lottery’ may also participate in the ‘Road Tax Lottery’, organised by the DVLA, by driving around in a vehicle without Road Tax or MOT.

I fear the odds of winning the ‘Wycombe Motoring Lottery’ are very high otherwise people would not engage in it. However in recent weeks a few people have lost in the ‘Road Tax Lottery’, the losers received a notice on the windscreen saying ‘Untaxed Vehicle‘ accompanied by a complimentary wheel clamp.

Residents who enjoy eating out can also take a gamble in the ‘Wycombe Food Lottery’ by purchasing a delight from one of the town’s fast food restaurants or mobile kebab vans with a poor Food Hygiene Rating. The winners in this lottery get an enjoyable meal while the losers get the opportunity to have the following day off work sick.

Lastly don’t forget the ‘Wycombe Fire Lottery’. Players in this game light up a big bonfire and place bets on whether or not a neighbour will call the fire brigade to extinguish the rampant smoke pile. Naturally bonus points increase if two fire engines turn up rather than one.

It will be interesting to see what the odds of winning the official ‘Wycombe Lottery’ will be,  but yours truly is sure it will be a success. However to satisfy the gambling addiction of many I fear there are enough ‘unofficial’ lotteries with far better odds of winning in the town.

What do you think?

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