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Opinion : Should dashcam video be used to prosecute dangerous drivers in Wycombe?

| August 22, 2017

Driving on the roads of Wycombe can be a very dangerous experience.

Once upon a time, many years ago, driving was a pleasurable experience. Sadly these days the roads are full of idiots who drive as if they have no idea of the Highway Code.

Just the other day a friend told me about an experience they had driving through Castlefield last weekend.

My friend was tootling along at about 25mph in their motor vehicle when suddenly from nowhere two cars came racing along the road towards them at many, many times above the speed limit.

The two cars were apparently racing each other on the public highway with the drivers more intent on being the first and the fastest rather than driving safely and with consideration to other road users. Judging by the sound both cars were making both vehicles appeared to have defective silencers.

Naturally my friend slowed down and pulled over upon seeing the two speeding cars approaching.

Sitting stationary beside the road my friend looked at the oncoming vehicles. The driver of the first car saw my friend and, as their vehicle passed by, made a rude gesture with two of his fingers while the passenger made a ‘gun sign’ with his hand out of the window of the speeding vehicle.

After the cars had passed my friend went on their way. Looking in the rear view mirror my friend saw the car behind trying overtake the one in front and in doing so nearly colliding head on with a car coming in the opposite direction.

Isn’t it about time something was done to catch and prosecute the mad men who think they own the road? Sadly I fear there are so many of these idiots, in fact too many, for the police to catch them all.

A few days ago an article appeared on a national news site entitled ‘Dashcam footage from public scheme to go Wales-wide‘.

Throughout Wales the police will soon be investigating incidents of dangerous driving which motorists catch on their in-car dash cameras. Isn’t that a grand idea?

If only there was a similar scheme here in Wycombe? Perhaps it would make the lunatics think twice before performing dangerous manoeuvres on the public highway?

Perhaps to add extra incentive anyone who provides dashcam footage that leads to a successful prosecution could receive a proportion of the fine paid by the dangerous driver? The safe, decent and law abiding drivers could then be financially rewarded for their efforts in making the roads safer for us all.

What do you think?

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