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Opinion : Halloween hell will soon be upon us again

| October 24, 2017

In a weeks time it will be Halloween.

The decent, law abiding citizens of the town will be at the mercy of the hateful trick-or-treaters who knock on our front doors and demand goodies otherwise they will do a mischief to us or our property.

In my opinion trick-or-treating is one of the most obscene and repugnant customs in our society. The very thought that someone can demand a treat or they will do a trick on someone is appalling.

What sort of parent would allow their children to go around to people’s houses wearing a mask to demand ‘treats’? Surely teaching a child to use a mask to conceal their identity is a very wrong thing to do?

When my good self was a youngster Halloween was about spooky goings on and games like bobbing for apples. Unfortunately society has changed for the worse and rather than taking care of the citizens in the neighbour hood the residents are now considered to be acceptable targets to demand ‘treats’ from. What a shame our society has degenerated like this.

On my regular lunchtime walks around the town centre your humble servant has noticed less Halloween related merchandise in the shops this year. Perhaps this is a sign that Halloween is falling out of favour with the youngsters of the town based on poor sales in the shops last year?

If only there was a law to stop trick-or-treating. But alas, the politicians seem to spend so much time passing laws that don’t actually make our lives better while ignoring the things that people throughout the land are calling out for.

For many Halloween is not about fun, it’s about surviving without damage to ones self or property. Here are my top tips for a safe Halloween :

  • Under no circumstances open your front door to trick-or-treaters. If you need to speak to any callers do so through an upstairs window.
  • Ignore any knocks on your front door unless you know a visitor is expected. If you pretend to be out there is a good chance the caller will go away.
  • Leave outside security lights on so as to deter anyone from calling at your house.
  • Keep a camera handy to take pictures of anyone who may cause damage to your property.
  • Seal your letterbox so no nasty objects can be pushed through into your house.
  • Keep a bright torch handy and if you do speak to a caller hold the torch in front of your face and shine the light on them. The way the light will dazzle them and they will not know who they are talking to.

Yours truly also feels most upset at seeing people wasting pumpkins simply to turn them into Halloween lanterns when there are so many people going hungry in the town and throughout the land. Surely no festival is as wasteful and filled with hate than Halloween?

I hope your Halloween passes off safely and without incident. Sadly I fear some residents of the town will be traumatised by the actions of the few who use All Hallows Eve to carry out their despicable acts of antisocial behaviour on those who live close by.

What do you think?

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